Monday, November 2, 2009

Doctor Visit from Hell!

Okay this post will be quite long and people can voice their opinion if they want...I've been trying to calm down before I call the doctor office to voice my complaint. I may just write a letter because there is nothing they can say that will make me feel better.

So on October 22nd we had to take Gillian to the ER, she had a105 fever and she was diagnosed with the flu. The ER told us to call the Pediatrician in the morning to let them know she was diagnosed and see what follow up care they wanted to do. So Friday October 23rd I called and spoke to our pediatrician nurse, explained everything that had happened the previous day and she said to keep an eye on Gillian and if she got worse to call the office, I asked if she should still go for her flu shot on Wednesday October 28th (I know it sounds crazy because she already has the flu). The nurse said definitely bring her in just for extra precaution.
So Wednesday October 28th we got up told Gillian we were going to the doctor, Gillian had a meltdown, I promised a toy if she did got herself together for the appointment. We went to the appointment and waited to get in for the shot. We got called and I explained to the nurse how she no longer had the fever and was feeling much better. The nurse asked what I was talking about so I explained the previous week and the nurse said she is on medication? I said yes. Immediately she said we can't give her the flu shot if she is on Tamiflu. So I became annoyed and said but I called on Friday and explain all this and was told to bring her in anyway. So the nurse went to see the doctor who definitely said no flu shot and the nurse said they were researching whether we actually needed a flu shot and would call back with the answer that day. She actually promised. Never heard back.

This is where the story gets good.

So today I decide no one is calling so I need to call and find out what is going on. I call and leave a message for the nurse station. I get a call back saying the nurse doesn't understand what is going on and asks me to call back her specific extension so I do and I get a different nurse so I explain my situation and she says I need to speak to the previous nurse because she must know what is going on and I tell the nurse she doesn't know either. So the nurse on the phone asks which doctor my daughter sees and I tell her and she said oh you need a totally different nurse than either of the two I have spoken to...go figure. So eventually I get the correct nurse and she tells me to bring Gillian in between 5 and 5:15 that evening and she would get her flu shot and I'm thinking great! We can get this done. We get to the doctor's office at 5:11, we wait in the waiting room, we get called to the back and are seated in a room by 6:02 at 6:45 I open our door because I'm hot and angry and at 7pm the doctor walks by and asks if we are waiting to be seen as we are the only ones left at the office besides him and the cleaning crew....GREAT! So the doctor proceeds to tell me the nurse should have done the shot and my patience although a blessing was a true hindrance in this situation because I should have spoke up after 20 minutes in the waiting room and 20 minutes in the actual room. I explained to the doctor that there is no sign anywhere that says I have to remind people I'm there. And he proceeded to tell me that it is the busy season and it was a complete oversight by the office. Gillian finally got dinner at 7:35 - 5 minutes past her bedtime and finally got to bed at 9 that night - an hour and a half past her bedtime. I'm completely appalled and disgusted with this office. I feel that I was poorly handled completely. I'm including the pictures that I took while at the office, I did everything that I could possibly pull out of my purse to entertain her for our 2 hour doctor visit. I know Gillian does not look 3 in either picture.

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