Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Tonight Gillian and I were home, Craig was out for the evening. We were picking up and I noticed Pooh Bear's dish was empty. Gillian loves to fill Pooh Bear's dish, she loves to help with anything we are doing. So I was thinking and wondering what age kids start getting an allowance....after some consideration I asked her if she wanted the responsibility of filling Pooh Bear's dish. I explained that she needs to make sure that Pooh always has food and if she does this she will get $2 per week. Gillian of course got excited (not sure that she really understood what it all meant) and she went off to play. I sent Craig a txt letting him know that Gillian is on our payroll. When Craig got home he asked why I didn't start at a lower amount since now she will only want more money that what she makes....I obviously hadn't thought it out that much.

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