Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day with Daddy...

Today Gillian spent the day with Craig. She adores her Dad, he’s her #1. It was Craig’s last day of vacation and daycare was closed. I had to go to Albany for training so I left way before they got up. Craig didn’t want to sit at home so he took Gillian out.

They went to the park.

They went to McDonald’s and on the way there Gillian said they couldn’t go because she didn’t bring her money…she really is too cute.

Gillian didn't want to leave McDonald's and landed herself in time out because she had a complete meltdown...she fell asleep in time out.

Tonight we went to meet Jacob. Due to illness we hadn’t gone sooner but I was dying to see him. He is very cute. He will be going to the say daycare as Gillian which will be nice. Gillian warmed up to him and even gave him some kisses. She even warmed up to Bill (very unusual as she doesn’t normally warm up to men at all) and Danielle (this one I expected). They recently moved to our neighborhood so I’m looking forward to play dates when Jacob is up and moving around:)

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