Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Expanding our family...

My younger brother came up with the idea of making my Dad stepping stones for his birthday (November 9th). My Dad is very into gardening and I had thought of it on numerous occasions and I just had never gotten around to it so I thought this was great. We first attempted a stepping stone for my niece on Sunday the 1st, the directions say to ask a parent for help, Craig and I removed it from the mold on Monday night and broke the stone:( So Tuesday I did Gillian's and it worked and this morning it just popped out of the mold. My younger brother and his GF are both sick so I had to call my brother's ex wife and ask to take my niece for a couple of hours to get her stepping stone done. She said it wasn't a problem so I picked her up on my way home from work.

Like most people we are in a routine, the 3 of us and Pooh Bear pretty much do the same things everyday. So adding another child to the mix was very interesting and different. Right from the minute they saw each other there was yelling and excitement. They were off running and playing within seconds. I went in and greeted Craig who was already cooking dinner. We had dinner and did the stepping stone right off which seemed like it was going to work. I had said I would have my niece back home around 7 so that would give the girls a little while to play together. This gave us a preview of expanding our family....The ratio of 2:2 is more overwhelming than 2:1. Not that they did anything bad or were awful to deal with but I guess we are just not use to all the noise and commotion. Craig was all sorts of our of place, normally he is Gillian's #1 playmate and he didn't really exist to them other than he had to remind them to keep the tone to an inside tone.

I had been really wanting a second child and felt our family was missing out on something since I don't know many only children but after a preview, I think our only child is definitely what suits our family.

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