Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wonderful Saturday

Gillian had dance class again today which she was so excited about that she picked her outfit out on Thursday night. We got there early which I'm glad we did because there was one other Mom and daughter there and the instructors so Gillian acted like a big girl. She asked me to help her get her tap shoes on and asked for her ballet shoes which she walked in and put in the cubby. Once she was done that she came back over to me and I suggested she go sit in the middle of the floor and be the first one to start the circle that they get in to begin class which she happily did. Her shyness was gone. I went into the waiting room where the parents go and watched Gillian talk to the instructors. Others started arriving and still Gillian sat and waited with a smile on her face. She paid attention and followed the instructors. The first time that the instructors asked for dancer to come out in front of the class to demonstrate a move for the class Gillian raised her hand and walked out proudly. I could have cried, I know my eyes welled up and I held it in. To think a year ago at this time she was still receiving PT and here she is demonstrating dance moves...not sure a day will go by that I won't remember everything we have been through. I'm so proud.

After dance class Gillian and I headed home to bake cookies. I bake with Gillian a lot, so when I'm 400 pounds don't be Gillian loves to bake, she asks to do it, it is something that I look forward to doing with her. We made Chocolate chocolate chunk cookies with orange frosting and sprinkles. Mmmmm, they were very good.

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