Friday, October 16, 2009


Gillian is definitely our child, not that we doubted that but a similar characteristic that Craig and I share is coming out in the scariest way. The thrill of competition.

Craig and I are extremely competitive to say the least. Doesn't matter what game it is, in our recent years it has been mini putt or bowling. We can't play a game without having to define a winner. Gillian has not played any games with us that she would have learned this from us but she is extremely competitive.

While sitting down to set up Candyland tonight she told Craig if she didn't win she would cry. On her third try she got a card that put her have way across the board while Craig and I were right at the beginning. She starts singing, I'm winning, I'm winning. Craig, trying to be a good parent, tells Gillian that it isn't good sportsmanship to sing like that meanwhile Craig is trying to not laugh telling her this (he was thinking she is just like us). This keeps going on, she is getting excited about winning and we are trying to explain sportsmanship to her. Craig ended up winning the 1st game and we all told him good job and there were no tears. Gillian won the second game and we encouraged good sportsmanship throughout.

It kind of goes back to Gillian's trait she inherited from her Father and Grandfather of being able to block out the world and zone in on the TV. The place could blow up around her and I don't know that she would notice. Apparently she got the competitive trait

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