Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Winter Hat Season is here!

Some mornings we get up and it is so cold outside....cold enough to have to warm up my car prior to driving it. So I started putting Gillian's winter hat on her about a week ago. The 1st morning that Gillian wore it to daycare I brought her in and the other kids starting to make fun of her calling her silly because it wasn't winter. I could tell Gillian was embarrassed because she started acting shy and hiding behind me. So when I arrived at work I text Craig saying we may have to fight with Gillian to get her to wear the hat and gloves because the kids were giving her a hard time about it. Craig came back with his usual humor and told me until Mary calls us to tell us Gillian kicked some kid's ass it won't be an issue. So that afternoon when she was picked up no issues and we haven't had any issues. She actually enjoys wearing her winter hat. So much in fact that she doesn't bother to take it off when she gets home. I should have guessed it wouldn't be an issue because it is like all her other accessories...

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  1. So cute, Alek and I wear out hats in the house too......Maybe I need to turn the heat up?? hehehe she is too cute