Monday, October 26, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa:

Today my Mom and Dad took me to the stores to make a wish list for Christmas. I have been an especially good girl this year (which you already knew because you are always watching:)) I enjoy shopping and it was nice to have time set up so that I could go through each aisle picking my choices carefully. I did run off a couple of times and there were a few items that I really wanted to take home right then. It has been explained to me that although I have made this wish list it does not guarantee me that I will receive everything or any of it although I really have been a good girl. And it is not 100% that I understand these terms and conditions but I pretend that I do. Please do not forget Pooh Bear as she has been a good girl as well.


Wish list

Baby Beans – purple
4 Ever Lil Angels Farmhouse fun
4 Princesses 8 Fashions
Royal Horse – purple
Littlest PetShop #922 & 923
Littlest PetShop #932 & 933
Tinker Bell Soft Doll
Barbie Preschool Toddler
Sparkle & Splash Ariel
Pet shop and Parlor Play set – Dora Puppy
Polly Pocket Sea Chic Boutique
Truck Carry Case
My Princess World of Adventure
Purple Monkey
Hot Wheels Custom Color Shop
Mega Blocks – Yo Gabba Gabba (looked like a vehicle of some sort)

Purple Piggy Bank
My Little Pony So soft Sleep & Twinkle Star Song
Pony Gals – Big Adventure Truck & Horse Trailer
Pony Gals – Actual ponies
Pony Gals – Two Stall Travel Barn
So Small Pets Horsing Around
Manny’s Repair Shop
Barbie Mermaid Falls
Barbie Peek-a-boo Place
Polly Pocket Sparklin Pet Spa
Polly Pocket Roller Coaster Resort
Polly Pocket Vending Machine
Littlest PetShop Carrying case
NeoPets – Purple cat looking thing in stuffed animal section
Thomas & Bulstrode Bath Buddies
Spike Red Ultra Dinosaur (this toy my Mom would like too, she found it especially neat - Daddy is not impressed with the price tag but it got rave reviews for all ages)
Princess Superhouse – in the kid’s tent aisle

Fur Real Lulu My Cuddly Kittie (this toy I was extremely fascinated with as I really want my own kittie but due to Pooh Bear's cat issue is not a possibility at this time)
Princess Flashing Musical Microphone
Littlest Pet Shop Cozy Care Adoption Center

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