Monday, October 5, 2009

Apple Torte

Tonight I got home from work and I was tired, didn't really feel like doing anything. Craig was cooking dinner and Gillian was watching TV. I asked how Craig how his day was and he said fine. Then I hear a little voice from the living room say,"You didn't ask me how my day was." I went in the living room and asked Gillian how her day was and she got all excited and said,"Good!" Gillian is far from neglected but I would hate for her to think I don't care how her day was so I wanted to make sure she got extra attention from Mommy. We had apples to use up and a recipe I wanted to try for Apple Torte. Gillian and I recruited Craig to cut and peel apples while we measured and mixed all the ingredients. It didn't come out how I expected but it was good. Craig doesn't even like desserts like that but he humored Gillian and I by eating some. I love our is funny how adding a little one creates more of a family feeling than I had when it was just Craig and I.

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