Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dance Started...

So today was the big day!

Friday night we picked out the dance outfit and tights, made sure the dance bag was packed. I made sure to plug in the camera so it was fully charged. I gave Gillian the run down, get up, eat breakfast, change into dance clothes and then off to class. This way she doesn't have any meltdowns if things don't go in the order she expects.

So this morning, we got up and followed the agenda from the night before. She had been dying to get into her dance outfit since we purchased it. For the last year, Gillian has been so excited to be a "big girl" and be able to go to dance class so today was her day. I wasn't sure what to expect from myself...emotions I wasn't sure if it would get the better of me. When I think back to the days when Gillian was first born and we were told she may not lead a normal's hard for me to forget. Luckily, I was able to keep my emotions under control and enjoy the class. I figured Gillian would be shy and it would take her time to warm up to the idea of being part of the class. It did take her a bit of time, after about 15 minutes she joined. I think the only time I welled up was after Gillian had been participating for a bit she ran over to me in between dances and gave me a big hug, kind-a like I'm set Mom, I really am a big girl. She is growing up so fast. Class was done before I knew it and we were headed home. She is already looking forward to next week.

Today was also my Mom's birthday. So we went over for dinner to celebrate. Gillian was so excited. I had ordered a Scooby-Doo cake and had "Happy Birthday Grammie" put on it so it was from the grandkids. Gillian thought this was the coolest thing and kept reminding me we had to go so Grammie to bring her the cake. When all the family was finally there, Gillian screamed the party is starting! She is too cute. She still isn't too sure of her Uncles, depends on the day other than that she was extremely social. It was nice to see everyone and I love that Gillian is learning how important these special days are for everyone. Happy Birthday Grammie!

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