Thursday, September 17, 2009

Things that make me laugh....

On Monday, Craig, Gillian and I played Candy Land. About half way through the game Craig took Gillian to the bathroom. After they returned I took the lead in the game and I ended up winning. My daughter called me a cheater when I won…She is 3.

On Tuesday, I started to take the band aid off my stitches at night so that the air could get to it and so it was more comfortable for me. Gillian loves to look at booboos, I’m hoping for a doctor (lol). So I squatted down so she could take a look. Her only response, “WOW” like it was the most amazing thing she had ever seen.

On Wednesday again I took the band aid off my stitches. Gillian didn’t really say much at first then like she was insulting me and scared to say anything she came out with, “Mom, your booboo looks like a bug.” My response, “Kind-a like a spider huh?” Gillian replied, “Yup.” She seemed very relieved that she didn’t hurt my feels.

Today like everyday that I pick up Gillian at daycare she did not want to leave. I like that she enjoys being there but it can be frustrating that she doesn’t want to leave. I have to bribe her. Sometimes going home to see Daddy works (couldn’t use it today he was working), brought up the mermaid she got shopping yesterday and how she was going to be able to play in the water with it today (still nothing) so I had to pull out the last resort, I offered to let her take rocks from Ms. Mary’s drive way (to her feet and off running for the drive way). Why do we buy her toys, rocks, leaves and sticks work so well?

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