Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mommy's Girl

Sometimes Gillian seriously cracks me up. Obviously she has gotten her fathers sense of humor because he is the one that normally everyone is laughing around. Tonight Gillian and Craig were playing which entailed Gillian running around her the house and Craig chasing her. When she was finally tired out (and her Dad could not take anymore) she wanted a drink and a banana. So Craig got her both of these and she decided she wanted to share half her banana with me which is normal because Craig doesn't like bananas. So we split it and Gillian says,"I want to sit here." Which she was referring to my spot in the recliner. So I asked her if she wanted to share the recliner with me and her response was,"No Mama I need to sit in this chair because I can't sit on the couch and make a mess." Oh, I laughed. As much as I think she is her Daddy's girl, she is my girl too. Our recliner is close to leaving our home, it is 6 years old and is pretty ratty. It survived Gillian's reflux being thrown up on every feeding when she was bottle feeding and we didn't see the point in replacing it while Gillian was potty training. So now this has become Gillian's spot because it is the only place that she can eat besides the table. Although I would love to see it go, I don't think it will be leaving anytime soon.

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