Friday, September 11, 2009

Ferry Trips

Today I had to make a last minute trip to Burlington, VT for a dermatologist appointment. Sometimes I look forward to a trip alone; this was one of those days. I was looking forward to my trip across the lake on the ferry and the 30 minute drive down to Burlington and parking in the parking garage at the hospital and sadly I feel like I can find my way around the hospital quite well now. So I managed to make it to my appointment right on time.

The time alone gave me time to think about all the trips that I made across on that ferry. My daughter was at Fletcher Allen for 93 days, 6 days of that I was in Fletcher Allen; out of the 86 remaining days only 1 day did I not make the trip to see her and sent her father to visit with her so I made the trip to Burlington via Ferry 172 times in those 3 months. Most of those trips I spent reading about preemies, preparing for my visit on the way to Burlington, dealing with my visit on the way home depending on the day and sometimes changing in my vehicle to go to work. I didn’t just relax and look out the window. I actually saw the Ferry as somewhat of an inconvenience because my daughter was that much farther away. Looking back it was probably a savior for giving me more time to just take everything in so I didn’t explode. I grew up with the Ferry so it is never really been that exciting. Although I can see how people would enjoy it. I enjoyed it today. The way there I thought about the past trips across and on the way back I looked out the window and wondered about future trips.

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