Sunday, September 20, 2009

Halloween Decorating

We have already started getting ready for Halloween. Yes, I know it is early but I want to have all the decorating done by the end of this month so we have it up for a month to enjoy it. Also, it isn’t quite as cold out right now to be decorating. Last Sunday we did the inside of the house and today we started the outside. Gillian’s favorite part was cutting the string, she loves cutting with scissors. We also got a baby pumpkin which Gillian thinks is her baby and would carry it everywhere with her. I don’t care for dressing up for Halloween but we get around 200 trick-or-treaters so I like to decorate. We normally get some pretty polite kids that tell us how nice our decorations are so I feel like I do it for them and for Gillian’s enjoyment. We still have a bit more to do but here are some pictures of the decorating so far and Gillian and Craig.

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  1. Great photos! The running program is from We downloaded the podcasts and use it while we run. Unfortunately I injured my knee on Saturday and the trainer advised me to let it heal for a few weeks, so I'll be starting it all over then. :( I'm bummed about it, but I'm power walking in the mean time while my dh continues the program.