Saturday, September 19, 2009

Big day...

Okay the pictures are backwards and I can't be bothered to upload them one at a time because that would take longer.

The first picture is of Gillian with her newly pierced ears. I could have had them done when she was a baby but I chose to wait until she asked to have them done. She started asking on Wednesday. I was honest and told her that it would hurt and was like getting a shot. So immediately she didn't want it done anymore. We talked about it Thursday and Friday and about all the ladies in Gillian's life, Mommy, Grammies, Auntie Jody and Emma all have their ears done. So last night she made the decision to have it done today. We took her to Walmart and let her pick out ear rings. They didn't have purple so she got pink...her reasoning is because pink makes the boys wink. The women that were piercing Gillian were extremely nervous which made all of us nervous. Craig held Gillian and I was suppose to take pictures but I was honestly worried I would pass out or something stupid so I held the mirror. She cried which was expected and eventually came around to look in the mirror, said thank you to the women and said good bye. Now she is thrilled it is done. Won't be long and just like all her other accessories we will be changing her ear rings daily.

Gillian's pierced ear.

A picture of Gillian after we got back from recycling, her favorite thing to do on Saturday mornings.

Gillian was very excited to wear her warm PJs to bed. Fall is definitely here with the cold nights.

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