Saturday, September 5, 2009

Busy Saturday

Today Gillian and I had a busy day. We had our slumber party last night and it must have wiped her out because she slept until 9am which is not normal for her. She is normally up by 8am at the latest. Once she was up, I told her the plans for the day which got her excited to be busy. Had breakfast and we were out the door.
First stop was to recycle which Gillian calls “cycling”. I want her to understand the importance of recycling so I started bringing her a couple months ago and recently started letting her get out with me and actually put the items in the correct areas.

Second stop was to buy Fall flowers a.k.a Mums. Our summer flowers died a couple weeks ago and I got rid of them and Gillian constantly brings it up when we come in the house so I’ve been telling her we needed to get Mums but she never would call them Mums so I called them Fall flowers and that stuck with her. I had told her that we would go this weekend so when we got there we had to inspect tons of flowers and finally settled on purple and yellow ones. Once we got back home we put the flowers on the front porch which is where the summer flowers had been previously which made Gillian happy.

Next Gillian and I were making Peanut Butter Blondes for a family gathering that we were going to for dinner. Gillian did her normal helping; I separate all the ingredients into separate bowls so she can pour them in. While the blondes were baking Gillian and I did a project which entailed making cards out of construction paper and gluing leaves. Gillian has discovered the joys of playing with scissors which she only has access to under adult supervision. She was thrilled and I enjoyed watching/helping her be creative. I also learned that Gillian can write the letter “i” which surprised me. Yet another thing she has learned at her wonderful daycare.

We went to the family gathering with my family tonight. Gillian and I had a lot of fun visiting everyone. I think Gillian and my niece Emma enjoyed playing on the swing set the most. Gillian enjoyed swinging and sliding down the slide doing choo choo with Emma. I’m happy that they get along so well, Gillian being an only child I’m glad that she has other kids almost her age to relate to. I know she picks up a lot being around adults so much but I want her to be able to be a kid too. I want her to have kids she can relate to.

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