Thursday, July 2, 2009

Family Vacation

The week of June 22nd flew by…I was busy at work getting ready for vacation.

On June 27th I was thrilled to start vacation. That day started with Craig and me helping Sean & Andrea moving so Gillian spent time with her Grammie and cousin Emma.

On June 28th, we packed into the car and headed to Lake George, NY to go to Magic Forest and the Great Escape Lodge. Gillian was slow to warm up to the rides. We had never taken Gillian to an amusement park so we were sure what to expect. Gillian is very shy so tons of strangers and the noises from the rides didn’t help. Finally we just made her go on and didn’t give her a choice and by the end she was fine. We stayed for 6 hours riding rides, watching shows and just enjoying each other. I was very excited about the pictures I was able to take. Craig and I were also surprised when we found out our 3 year old daughter knows her left and right…we were extremely surprised to say the least.

I had made the mistake of telling Gillian when I was getting her ready that morning we were going to a water park. Throughout the day Gillian would ask about the water park just to make sure we didn’t forget. So immediately following our check in to the lodge we were in our suits and down at the water park. Gillian loved the water park. We stayed for 2 and half hours at the water park. It definitely had plenty to do and if my daughter hadn’t become extremely tired we probably would have stayed longer. She didn’t want to admit how tired she was but it was definitely a long day for her. She did admit how much her legs her and asked for them to be rubbed which I thought was so cute. She also thanked Craig and I and told us what a wonderful day she had…she makes me so proud.

On June 29th, we went to the Great Escape. Considering how overtired Gillian was she did extremely well and only had a couple meltdowns. The weather looked like it was going to rain but it held off all day for us. She didn’t go on as many rides as the day before but did manage to people watch which is what she loves to do. Again, I was able to get some really good pictures. Then it was back in the car for the trip home. Out of the two days the only thing that Gillian asked for was an ice cream. I don’t know if she realizes she has enough in life or if it is because when we go shopping we have always brought her with us but she never asks for anything…which is very nice and normally saves from meltdowns.

On June 30th, we recovered from our vacation. Gillian’s Uncle Bob came over for dinner. She is still terrified of Uncle Bob although Bob is nothing but sweet to her. She won’t even take presents from him…hopefully one day she will warm up to him. After dinner Craig asked Gillian if she wanted a cookie. Before she even had that cookie in her hand she asked if she could have a 2nd one which of course made us laugh. We lost power for an hour that night which after 5 minutes of being in the dark Gillian decided it was time for bed.

On July 1st, Gillian tried on her super girl cape that we had gotten her at the Great Escape. She was quite cute running around the house pretending she was flying. Craig took Gillian to the park while I went to the movies with my friend Lynn. When I got back we all went in the pool. Craig and I lasted longer than Gillian. I scarred Gillian with the day it was 64 degrees so now she thinks the pool is cold even when it isn’t really too cold. So we were probably in the pool for 30 minutes and Gillian was probably in for 3 minutes. She will eventually grow into it, I’m sure.

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