Sunday, June 21, 2009

The things she says….

Where does Gillian learn everything…this past week she has said things that just amaze me.

I read to Gillian every night. Sometimes 1 book, sometimes 3 although 3 is stretching her attention span. It was a night when I was reading 3 books and when I was almost finished the first book and Gillian said to me, “Only 2 books left.” During the 2nd book, she did the same thing, “Only 1 book left.” I was shocked when Gillian performed this basic math…I thought for a 3 year old...this just blew my mind. Maybe it was my lack of being around other children and not realizing how they pick up these skills.

At an early age Craig taught Gillian about blowing kisses. It is something that Craig and Gillian do together quite frequently when one of them is leaving the house. So one rainy morning Gillian and I were leaving to go to daycare & work. Craig was at one of the windows so we stopped to blow kisses. When they were finished we continued our walk to the car and Gillian told me, “Daddy blew wet kisses.” I asked Gillian, “Why were the kisses Daddy blew you wet?” And her response was, “Because it is raining” I’m way too simple minded for her.

It is hard to believe that just over a year ago Gillian started talking. I knew she had taken right off with talking when she started to put sentences together as fast as she was learning words.

The things she said make me smile and astonish me all at the same time.

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