Monday, July 27, 2009

Fair 2009

July 22nd, Craig and I took Gillian to the fair. I’ve never been a huge fan of the fair…I know that the rides in amusement parks can be taken apart but to me they are permanent fixtures and that makes me feel better. So I’m not keen on the rides at the Fair that are put together in a couple days and taken down in the same amount of time or the people that come to town to run the rides…that is a story for another time. My goal for the fair was for Gillian to enjoy the animals and I wanted some bread dough. We saw horses, goats, a pig, ducks, rabbits, cows and a brand new calf. I know I come from a small town when the news on the front page of the paper on the July 23rd was the calf being born at the Fair….not sure how that it was that important for front page but I guess there were limited stories. I had never heard of digging in sawdust for money but Gillian did and I took pictures. She made a quarter off the deal; apparently there was $600 in quarters in the sawdust. I loved that they had to wear goggles to be able to dig for money in the sawdust. Gillian had a good time and I got my fried bread dough so it was worth the trip.
We have also started to get use out of our pool which is a very nice change. We are avoiding buying a swing set since we do have a pool. We don’t see the point in having both so it has been nice to finally have a bit of weather that allows us to use our pool and Gillian is finally adjusting to the temperature of the pool.

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