Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Friday night was interesting…Gillian felt the need to poop in the tub…I definitely think potty training thus far is the toughest part of parent hood. Yes, the guessing of what is wrong when a baby is sick is tough but changing diapers is much easier and cleaner than potty training. Yuck! I can’t wait for this phase to be done.

Saturday Gillian and I hung out with Craig. Normal Saturday, played Candy Land and Gillian beat me 3 times. And I didn’t even let her win; she beat me on her own. As soon as Craig left the house, I got Gillian dressed (yes getting out of PJs on a Saturday is not mandatory around here!) and we headed out to get supplies to decorate the house for Craig’s birthday. We went and ordered balloons and got a cake. We had celebrated his birthday with family on July 13th but I wanted to make sure that Gillian understood that it is important to celebrate important dates. Gillian fell asleep on the way home and I figured as soon as she was up she would want to play with the balloons. I was wrong! She woke up and immediately wanted to start decorating for Daddy’s birthday. We had to put the 13 balloons up and around the house. Gillian drew Daddy a picture and we had to practice the birthday song. She was so excited and I took pictures because she was just having a blast.

Today is Craig’s actually birthday. Happy 31st Birthday! We went out to breakfast with Craig’s parents. Then Grammie Miner said she wanted to take Gillian for the day so off to the beach they went today. I have been puttering around the house. There is stuff I really should be doing but I’m only so motivated. This week Gillian’s daycare is closed for vacation so she is spending the days with Grammie Brooks. I love that Gillian gets quality time with her grandparents. My Mom’s parents passed away young and my Dad’s parents lived in England so I didn’t see grandparents like Gillian does. It is something that I greatly appreciate for her and I know one day she will be happy that she got all this time with them. I think that it keeps them young and active too so it is definitely good for them too.

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