Thursday, July 16, 2009

The past week...

So Gillian is back in pull ups…doesn’t like to tell anyone when she has to poop. She is good about making it through the night without an accident and if she has to pee she makes it to the bathroom. So we are part way there and I know that with time it will come just like everything else. It is nice to be worried about something that all parents worry about for a change. I know that her bathroom issue is common for all kids not just preemies. It’s a nice change for me.

We had a wedding shower on July 12th for Craig’s cousin Rachael. Gillian and I made brownies…she loves to bake. It was a fun afternoon and Gillian was so good. I don’t think anyone really knew she was there. It amazes me how patient she can be.

July 13th we had some people over to celebrate Craig’s birthday which isn’t until the 19th but due to his work schedule that day worked best. Again, it was a fun evening and right as everyone is getting ready to leave Gillian decides to mention that I’m carrying her baby brother…which I’m not carrying a child so I asked her if she knew something I didn’t. Needless to say she got people excited with both happiness and fear which we had to crush by telling them we aren’t expecting a baby.

Today we got terrible news that Peanut had passed away…she would have been twelve next month. She was getting to be an old girl but that doesn’t make it any easier. That is the hard thing about dogs; they become like your children except you know they won’t out live you like you hope your children do.

This evening Gillian and I went grocery shopping after I picked her up at daycare. It poured rain this afternoon and Gillian was very excited to tell me a fellow daycare girl who had her own umbrella. I had never really thought about getting Gillian an umbrella. I have one and I have never used it so why would I think to get her one? But that is all she could talk about so we had to find her her own umbrella. I can’t believe her fascination with accessories. A she loves necklace, bracelets, barrettes, hair ties, likes to change up her shoes and now she has the perfect Little Mermaid umbrella.

Tonight when I laid down with Gillian for bed again, she asked me if I was going to have a baby. I asked where the baby questions were coming from but of course didn’t get an answer. I asked her if she wanted a baby brother or sister and she said yes. I asked if she preferred a brother or sister, she said she would prefer a sister. Not that I should be encouraging such discussion but I was curious what she was thinking. Then she changed the subject and told me how much she loved me, Daddy and Pooh which is always a nice way to end the day.

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