Friday, July 3, 2009

1st 4th of July Celebration...

Today we had a busy morning, slow afternoon and a busy evening.

This morning Gillian and I made a cake that I found in a cookbook specifically for baking and for kids. It looks like a watermelon and the cake is strawberry with chocolate chips so it seems like a watermelon…it turned out very good. Gillian was very good at making the cake. She cracked all the eggs, I measured all the ingredients and she put them in the bowl and she mixed all the ingredients. I made the icing but Gillian did add the sugar as needed while I was using the hand mixer. It was a very pleasant morning.

The afternoon was quiet and Gillian played Play-Doh.

This evening we went to my parents for a 4th of July celebration. We had the traditional BBQ….hence the cake that was for dessert. We got to see my siblings and parents…Tuesday is the big day when I find out if I’m having a niece or nephew due in November. Hoping for a healthy baby so doesn’t matter what the sex is. It was nice and quiet and everyone liked the cake which Gillian told everyone what she did to help make it which I thought was super cute. My sister-in-law also commented on how Gillian has the best manners for a child which is always nice to hear. My Mom took Gillian over night tonight so Craig and I can have some time to ourselves and hopefully sleep in.

Tomorrow is a day of celebration with Craig’s parents. I have brownies to make in the morning not sure if my assistant will be back from Grammies but I will try to make do if I have to.

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