Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Recap

Friday night we celebrated Craig's birthday with Craig's family. Gillian spent the night at Grammie & Grampie Miner's. I was smart and had asked ahead because I knew she would ask. And of course on our way over she asked us if she could stay so we told her she would have to ask Grammie which she did during dinner.

Saturday, I walked in the am and cleaned the house. It is now was exhausting but glad it's done. Gillian got home and of course the first thing out of her mouth is that she wants to go in the pool. So I got us ready and out we went. The water wasn't as warm as it normally is. There was such a breeze that once we were in it was very cold to try to get out. Gillian is getting very brave in the water. She is getting stronger at swimmer with her floaty too.
Climbing around the pool while holding on the side like spider man.

Treading water while holding on with one hand.

After I got Gillian to where near close to her normal bed time I went out and took pictures of the sky. I couldn't believe how beautiful it was.

Sunday, Gillian and I went to breakfast with Grammie and Grampie Brooks. After I took Gillian for a walk because Craig was sleeping after working a double so I figured if I could keep her busy Craig could get some sleep. After our walk we went to get some cards and a cake for Craig's b-day. I thought it was cute that I had to read all the Daddy's from daughter cards to Gillian so she could pick one. Then we went over to the cake section. I didn't want a huge cake because it was just the three of us so I pointed some cakes out to Gillian and she picks one that is decorated with pink. So I ask her why she picked the pink....and her response,"Daddy likes vanilla frosting." All the other cakes had chocolate frosting. She is extremely thoughtful.

We went home and filled out our cards, Gillian went upstairs to wake up Craig and I lit the candles. We sang Happy Birthday and Craig had this smile on his face...not sure how to describe it...he enjoyed it:) Then we had cake. And of course it was off to the pool we went.

About half way through our swim Gillian seemed to become very exhausted and asked to go inside. Once inside she asked to take a nap (Gillian doesn't nap). Craig promised her that I would wake her up for the movie which was in over an hour. She slept the whole time.
We try to not wake her while getting her in the car to go to the movies but she wakes and she isn't grouchy. We watched the movie which was good (I cried). Then headed home. She must have got her last wind because she wanted to go for a bike ride so I took her for two laps and then she was just wiped out. She took a bath, had some mac and cheese and asked to go to bed. So I took her temp while I was brushing her teeth...102.4:( And she keeps telling me her belly hurts...poor little one:( Hope this goes by fast....

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