Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Still sickly...

I picked Gillian up from daycare and got her home. Could tell just looking at her that she wasn't herself. She felt warm when I touched her and I knew it wasn't the weather. By the time I got her to the car, she had let me know that her nose her. We got in the car and she told me her head hurt. By the time we were home, her nose, head and tummy hurt and she could tell she was warm and was letting me know. I took her temp, 101.7:( YUCK!

She wanted strawberry milk so we made her strawberry milk. She asked for a bagel for dinner so that is what I made her....she ate maybe 3 nibbles and was done. She had a popsicle. She repeatedly told me her belly hurt so I asked exactly where to rule out spleen and appendix. I offered her an ice pack which she jumped at and said it made her tummy feel better. It actually made her feel good enough that she started playing with the ice back and wrapped it around her head. I told her she was silly and she told me her "noggin" hurt and needed ice. She cracks me up even when she is sick.

A little bit later I was coming out of the bathroom and I heard her coming so I figured she needed another show. She looks at me and says,"So that is where you ran off to." Where does she get this stuff?

By the time I got her to be her fever was up to 102.3, gave her some medicine to try to reduce it and of course she needed an ice pack for her belly to go to bed. Whatever she needs to be comfortable I'm all for giving it to her....

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