Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Recap

The weekends are flying by too quick and reminding me that I really need a vacation.

Saturday we took our lives in our hands and went grocery shopping. We normally go during the week but between t-ball and fun runs, grocery shopping fell off the priority list. While at the grocery store we had to purchase a birthday gift for a party we were going to on Sunday. When we were looking for a check out lane, we ran into Jenna and Jared - a couple we met while in the NICU. We got to see Celton and Quinlan (their newest addition) which is always nice to see them and how everyone is doing. Craig and I plan to do the Ride for Cian this year which raises money in memory of Jenna and Jared's son Cian that passed away at 8 months old, the money is donated to the Vermont Children's hospital which is a very good cause. After shopping we headed home and hopped into the pool for the 8th day in a row. So glad we are finally get use out of the pool. That evening Gillian went over to her Grammie and Grampie Brooks's for a sleepover with her grandparents and cousins. This gave Mommy and Daddy an opportunity to catch up with old friends.

Sunday was a busy day. Gillian got home around 11 so it was lunch then a bit of down time then off to a birthday party. The party was suppose to be 3-7 which turned into 3-8 but Gillian had a blast and she saw some of the friends that she had just met last weekend. It is so nice to watch her interact with other kids her age and slowly get over her shyness with new people. She definitely warms up quicker than before. I got to meet some new people and hang out with ones that I already had met but it was nice for us to get out. Gillian is too cute because she now constantly asks when we are having more people over and gets so excited when she hears someone else is having a birthday party. She is growing up way too fast.
Gillian getting ready to try to pin the tail on Max. This little stinker got spun around and they lifted her mask prior to putting the tail on...I do believe that is considered

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