Thursday, July 8, 2010

Another hot day...

Today was day #5 in the pool. Gillian is getting braver as the days go by. Today she brought her goggles out to the pool just in case she went under water. About 45 minutes into our relaxing pool time she asked me to get them for her because she was going under. She found being able to see under water so exciting that I had to keep taking her under. We did this about 20 times, it was kind of like when she started learning to talk and "again" was her favorite word. Every time we came up she would say, "Again!" I eventually told her I needed a We spent another hour and 15 minutes in the pool and it was a lovely 86 degrees again. This heat needs to stop!

On another note, I was getting Gillian changed into her pjs and I took the hair tie out of her hair and she looked up and softly said,"Daddy tried to wing it this morning. He does try." What a sweetie, I agreed with her.

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