Monday, July 26, 2010

Long Weekend!

I took Friday off so that we could have a family day. Craig and I decided to take Gillian to the fair. It was probably our last time going for a while. We had fun which I think when the 3 of us are together is impossible not to have fun. The cost of the fair and the quality of what one gets just isn't worth it. I would rather spend the same amount and go somewhere that has the quality. We saw horses, cows, goats, pigs, ducks, roosters, bunnies and white trash...oops did I write that? Lol

We went through all the buildings and looked at all the exhibits and we sat through some shows and rode some rides. We had fair food which I have to say was probably the best part of the trip.
Gillian got a free balloon from a children's show (Thanks Price Chopper).

Craig and Gillian while we were waiting for the show to start.

Craig and Gillian petting a goat.

The things we do for our kids. I'm terrified of heights and Craig hates the Ferris wheel. That would be Gillian and I at the top where we stopped for what felt like quite the extended period of time. I had a nice few of the Adirondacks and the local land fill (YUCK!) that I got to enjoy once I convinced myself that we wouldn't die up there.

Craig and Gillian on the tilta-whirl...Gillian's second ride as I had gone on it early and got too whirled....not as young as I use to be....

We ended up running into some kids from Gillian's daycare which was nice because she wanted to go on all the rides with them.

Gillian went on some rides herself.

And some rides Gillian went on with strangers.

At the end of the day...she was completely exhausted.

After the fair and a nap we headed out to dinner with my parents to celebrate Craig's birthday.

Then my parents took Gillian for the weekend because we were going to the Ride for Cian early Saturday and we had originally had plans for Saturday night that fell through so Craig and I got some quality alone time. YEAH!

Sunday Gillian came home around noon and we made plans to go blueberry picking with my Dad. Gillian was more entertained by throwing the non ripe blueberries. She did pick half a quart prior to decided that throwing them was more fun.

By Sunday night I was struggling to move. It started in my left hip on Friday night spread to my right hip on Saturday night and by the time I was done blueberry picking I was having a hard time to move. It was both hips and my entire lower back. If it doesn't get better I'll be heading to the doctor for some meds to try to help my tense muscles relax.

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