Thursday, July 22, 2010

Little this and a little of that....

Yesterday morning I felt bad for Gillian. She wet the bed the night before...she was mortified. This is only the second time she has wet the bed and I'm sure she doesn't remember the last time. Both happened when she was sick. Although she is feeling better she still has been drinking a lot. Poor peanut, I told her it was an accident but she was so upset.

We have had some excitement in the garden. 3 baby pumpkins and Gillian whispers around the baby pumpkins like they are live babies, it is very cute.

During the crazy thunderstorms Pooh took refuge in the 1/2 bath. She wouldn't come out until it was over. She hates thunderstorms, they are the rare times that she will try to get on furniture just to be close to someone. I was content with her wanting to be in the bathroom rather than following me so closely that if I stop she runs me over.

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