Sunday, August 16, 2009

NICU Grad Party

My Mom and I took Gillian to the NICU Grad party at Shelburne Farms in Vermont. Craig had to work and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do it alone. It’s Gillian’s day so I wanted to make sure she made it there. We went shopping before because it is time to start looking for fall and winter clothes so all day we discussed the ferry aka big boat and going to the farm. I had explained to Gillian that we were going to the farm for a party in her honor so doctors and nurses that took care of her when she was sick could see she was big and healthy now. Gillian understands when I talk about her being sick from pictures she has seen of herself when she was a baby. Gillian had a blast at the party, she left her hand print which they were making a poster for outside the NICU, she played in corn, she enjoyed the petting zoo.

It was much different this time than the last time we went to the Grad party two years ago. There were less kids, only 1 nurse we knew, none of the other kids were there that had been in the NICU with Gillian…I found that kind of sad (I had been hoping for a reunion). I was happy to see more healthy kids, last time it seemed there were so many kids with disabilities but two years later there were very few….that I was very happy about. It was different, I kind of felt like we didn’t fit in anymore. I know we will always be part of the NICU family but my little preemie is growing up.

This picture was taken during the petting zoo; I wish I had waited 2 seconds because the sheep decided to find out if Gillian’s hair was appetizing.

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