Friday, August 28, 2009

Potty Trained!!!

So back on July 16th I posted that Gillian was back in pull ups full time because of her refusal to poop on the potty. I’m proud to announce that she has not had an accident for two weeks today. Only dry diapers for the past two weeks and much excitement about using the potty. I think we are finally there! Gillian was told today when she left daycare that on Monday she will be back in big girl underwear at daycare. She is so excited and we are so excited and proud. The only sad part which I have been denying for awhile is she isn’t a baby anymore. There are perks to being out of the baby stage like she can tell us what she is thinking, when she doesn’t feel good and now we hopefully are done with diapers (major perk). But there are moments I miss, the smell of fresh baby clothes out of the drier, the bottle feedings with just Gillian and I and the snuggling with Gillian in the recliner. I know we all grow up and there are tons of adventures for Gillian and us to experience. She is growing up so fast that I’m not sure how the time is passing so quickly. I’m sure it is the same for every parent but I feel like if I blink she is going to be going to college. Let's really hope that isn't the case:)

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