Monday, August 17, 2009


Yet another 90 degree day and the pool is where we all wanted to be. The pool was actually 76 degrees which is the warmest I think it has been in the 6 years that we have lived here. Craig and I immediately jumped in. Whoever put up our pool did a very poor job and with how little we normally get to use it, we have yet to fix it. It is an above ground pool and the deck that is build off of it is about 6 inches above the actual pool, the deck is above the filter area so we can’t put stairs into the pool so we have separate stairs that go over the side of the pool. I will have to take a picture because I don’t know if my description really does it justice. Anyway, normally Gillian sits on the deck because she thinks the water is too cold and watches us swim. So I came up with the idea of her sitting on the stairs that go in the pool so she could touch the water. She thought this was great. She was splashing her feet in the water and actually interacting with us instead of just watching. So I convinced her to start trying to go down the stairs a bit and that the water wasn’t as cold as it normally is. I helped her learn how to turn herself around and go down the steps which she was brave and made it all the way down the 3rd step which went up to her chest. Craig and I saw this as a complete success. But the best was yet to come. So Gillian started playing with our alligator thermometer and felt that it made the perfect magic wand. So after much time spent splashing the alligator in the water, it was magically. When she screamed magic Craig turned into a rock and sank to the bottom of the pool. After numerous times doing this she was really starting to get into it and was waving her arms all over screaming magic. So Craig was under water and I was watching Gillian just amazed at how excited she was and she is waving her arms and waves right off the ladder and to the bottom of the pool she goes. I immediately grab her and bring her out and start laughing. I knew there was no way she was hurt and I knew if I laughed she would calm faster and she did…she started laughing. Poor Craig missed the entire thing and I kicked him so he knew he wasn’t a rock anymore. It is the best thing that could have happened…She now wants to go in the pool; she think s the pool is great. I have some pictures of Gillian finally enjoying the pool…

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