Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Loving Life

I hate going to work everyday…most people do. I drop my daughter off at a daycare that I absolutely adore. I feel she is safe and learning so much there. Then I go and put my 8 hours in and when I get in my car to drive home I look forward to walking in the front door and hearing - “Mama’s home!” Love that sound. Over dinner, I talk to Gillian about her day and of course I talk to Craig. Craig had mowed the lawn today and I hate when there are grass clippings still on the lawn so after dinner it was outside to rake the lawn for me. While I raked, Craig and Gillian played catch and Gillian pedaled her tricycle for the first time up and down the driveway…wish that I had had my camera outside at that point to catch it. Very exciting stuff! After catch Craig and Gillian started picking up the piles of grass. After that Gillian, Craig and I worked underneath the bush from Saturday again trying to get that cleaned up. Finally Gillian went for a ride on the lawn mower. She usually runs in the opposite direction away from the mower but when you see the pictures, she obviously learned that she was missing out on some amazing fun. Then we watered the plants, went for a walk and time for bed! It was a fabulous day!

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