Saturday, August 22, 2009


Craig and I went to a wedding today for his cousin Rachael (I have mentioned her in a previous post) and it was a lot of fun. Sometimes it is nice to be with only adults every once in a while. It was an outside ceremony and it looked like it was a lot of work. It was beautiful. Gillian was with Grammie Brooks, Grumpie Brooks and Emma for the night and although she was not at the wedding, everyone asks about her. And of course I don’t mind chatting about how wonderful she is. One of Craig’s Aunts was asking how everything was going with her developmental delays and how much she has grown up and I filled her in on how she has no developmental delays anymore and how tall she is getting and the funny things she is saying to Craig and I these days and I made the comment, “She is a normal 3 year old child now.” His Aunt sat for a moment and she said, “It’s not that she is a normal 3 year old, it’s that she is an extraordinary 3 year old because she went above odds to survive and has gone above odds to catch up.” This statement has stuck in my mind since she said it and I have to agree that my child is definitely extraordinary…

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