Monday, August 31, 2009

Dance class sign ups

Today after work I took Gillian to register for dance class. Gillian was too young for dance class last year but I thought it was something she would enjoy. My Mom takes my niece to dance class so she started bringing Gillian so she could see it what went on and Gillian can be extremely shy so hopefully it would help her adapt. All summer long we have discussed dance class started in the fall. So I had told her this morning when I got home we were going to sign her up and she would start in about a month. First thing when I got home was, “Mommy we have to go get my dance bag and sign me up.” So I rushed to get changed and get everything in order and off we went to the dance studio. We met up with my Mom there who was signing up my niece. We went in and picked out a purple dance bag, purple dance outfit, tap shoes (my favorite) and ballet shoes. While we did this Gillian would dance around something she truly loves to do. I don’t know what it was about watching her….I could have cried tears of joy. To think that my daughter born at 1lb 12ozes is starting dance class in less than 4 weeks truly amazes me. I never doubted she would be survive; I did have my doubts that she would escape without some sort of issue from her prematurity. So far nothing, we are so lucky. I’m saving the pictures for the 1st day of class when she will be wearing the outfit and the shoes. I’m sure that day I'll be a little emotional too.

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