Thursday, February 10, 2011

What will you celebrate?

Prior to booking our Disney vacation we received a DVD from Disney about going to Disney. It was titled – “What will you celebrate?” I didn’t think much of it and it eventually got stuck in a drawer. I actually only recently came across it again and watched most of it.

I have been thinking a lot about that question. We are going to Disney because we promised Gillian when she was less than a week old that we would take her there one day. We had never brought it up to her again and she doesn’t know why she is going but Craig and I do. We are celebrating her life.
When I was pregnant and after Gillian was born, doctors always used the word “if”. If you make it to X amount of weeks, if she makes it, if this happens or if that happens….we lived on ifs. We even pleaded with Gillian using an if, “If you make it out of here, we will do whatever necessary.” We made promises and I intend to keep them even if it takes my lifetime to do so.

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