Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 2 of Disney Vacation

We decided to go to Animal Kingdom for our second day. This park has shorter hours and we wanted to check out Downtown Disney in the evening.

We got to Animal Kingdom before it opened because we had heard that the early you get to the Safari ride the shorter wait. Glad we listened. We maybe waited 20 minutes to get on it and I can imagine how long the line for this ride can normally take. The ride was so much fun! We saw all sorts of animals.

Waiting in line

The Animals

Us on the ride

After the ride we headed through a walk through area where we saw turtles, fish, birds and some gorillas.

Gillian got to meet Flint from It's a Bugs Life.

We went to a bird show that taught us all about all different types of birds. I learned the Bald Eagle is no longer considered extict and we got to see one. Also Gillian loved the lady that did the show to the point that we had to go up after and Gillian wanted to give her a hug.

We also met a bunch of characters at this park.

When we finished at Animal Kingdom we headed back to our hotel because we had promised Gillian some pool time. I would have never expected the pools in Florida to be heated but they were and it was soooo nice.

After our cool off in the pool we headed to Downtown Disney for dinner. There are so many shops to see and so much going on, it was a lot of fun. Gillian enjoyed dancing in on the sidewalk while a man played guitar, getting on a Harley and seeing a lifesize Leggo Woody.

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