Saturday, February 5, 2011

Family Day

Today was a busy day. There was tons to do. We started the day with the normal Saturday morning activity of gymnastics. From there we went back home and cleaned up the house. We then went to public skating where we met up with Uncle Bob. Gillian is definitely picking up skating quicker than any of us would have predicted.

Due to Gillian falling a couple times and me not planning for that we had to stop home before heading up to see the ice castle. We try to make it up to the ice castle every year. We went through the maze over and over again. Then the snow started coming down quick so we headed to get some dinner and then planned to go back to the ice castle to see the fire works.

We made it back to the ice castle and it took about 20 minutes to find a parking space. So many people come out for this event. The snow was still coming down. Gillian and Craig had more fun having a snow ball fight in the snow than watching the fireworks. I wasn't sure that the fireworks would actually go off because the snow was comign down so hard. They did and it was kind of neat....almost like colored snow coming down when they went off.

The drive home was a bit much going only 20-30 mph. It tooks us 2 hours when normally takes about 45 minutes. We got home and the person that works across the street (our elderly neighbor has at home care there) was stuck in our driveway. While Craig was trying to get them out of our driveway a freak lightening storm started. It took the girl's boyfriend, Craig and another neighbor to finally get her car back across the street and in the right driveway.

It was truly exhausting day but I love family days.

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