Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 3 of Disney Vacation

We headed back to Magic Kingdom to try to get through Frontierland and Fantasyland.

We went to Frontierland first to try to get to Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain because we had heard they normally have the longest lines. On the way there we managed to find Donald Duck so we had pictures taken with him.

After that we did get to Splash Mountain and we were lucky that there was no wait because it wasn't overly hot yet. Craig and I enjoyed the ride...Gillian not so much. It was quite a long ride which was nice and definitely made it worth the ride but there were a lot of parts in the dark so Gillian was not a fan.

After leaving Splash Mountain we say Minnie and Mickey so went over for a picture.

From there headed to Thunder Mountain, there was a line but nothing too bad. Again, Craig and I enjoyed the ride but Gillian hated the parts in the dark.

From there we went over to Fantasyland. We rode the tea cups, flew through the air with Dumbo and rode the Carousel.

The day flew by and to relax in the evening we made time for the pool. The pool was so hot in the evening that it felt like a huge hot tub.

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