Thursday, February 3, 2011

Disney Commercials

Craig and I had planned on telling Gillian that we were taking her to Disney World on the plane so that she only had 3 hours to wait and daily we weren't asked,"Is today the day?" But Craig wanted her to know so she could be excited and we are getting close enough that we can handle being asked everyday if today is the day.

We planned a special evening with the 3 of us and even told her ahead of time that she was going to find out about a special surprise.

We brought her to the restaurant and we got seated and figured out what we wanted to eat then we decided it was time.

I asked Gillian,"Do you know what Disney World is?"

Gillian smiled and said,"No."

So I pulled out the Disney book that I have been reading for tips and ideas and started showing her pictures. She still didn't really get it and wasn't too excited so we just let it go and moved on to the excitement of an evening out.

I'm curious of the kids in the commercials know what Disney World is? Is it because they seem older in the commercial than my 4 year old?

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