Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things that could make a Daddy cry...

Gillian started t-ball Tuesday. I was never a fan of baseball/softball growing up, my husband on the other hand is quite a fan. So it was without a question that she would at least try to play t-ball. Craig has played catch with her and we have a plastic t-ball set that is made for 3 year olds that Gillian enjoys.
I was unsure how Gillian would do. She started off excited about dance and every Saturday morning it was a fight to get her to participate in class. So a head of time I might have bribed Gillian with doing her nails and ice cream if there were no tears and she participates in practice (I also tried bribery for dance however it did not work). To my greatest pleasure Gillian's excitement for t-ball carried from beginning to end of practice. She talked to the coaches and smiled and truly enjoyed herself. Normally I tear up when Gillian overcomes an obstacles or over moments like this.....I think her love of t-ball would bring a tear to her Daddy's eye.

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