Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

I try to make Wednesdays funny with the stuff that Gillian says...well this week it is the stuff that a rookie biker passenger may do and laugh at herself...repeatedly.

So I was super excited to go on a bike ride Sunday. I went over to VT Thunder with Craig and his motorcycle club. So I'm all excited for my "real" ride. Craig and I got up and spent a bit of time with Gillian before my parents came to pick her up. I was dressed and ready on it wasn't the first time but probably pretty close. It was super dark out and we thought it would rain so Craig told me to make sure to wear layers because we might get wet and I have yet to purchase any leather. So I proceed to wear my normal tank, short sleeve t-shirt and long sleeve Harley hoodie (basically a long sleeve t-shirt with a hood) and I added a long sleeve t-shirt to the layers to make sure I was warm enough in case it rained. And we left the house.

We stopped for snacks and a drink (yes, I thought I was being smart). So while riding I put the soda between my legs....very convenient...until I get off the bike and forget it was there so it falls to the ground and is totally shaken up so it is now flat soda.....first mistake....

Then we get over to VT and to the meeting place to meet up with the VT Thunder ride and I forgot there was another bike in our group of 4 (yes, somehow I forgot) and I got off Craig's bike and backed into a MOVING bike....seriously who does this...yup, me the And you end up with a bruise like this....
that only hurts as the time goes on but the humor I find in it makes it worth it. FYI - only Craig and Bob know that this happened at that moment so it isn't quite as embarrassing as expected but I feel it is funny enough to share. Mistake #2.

So you would think that things couldn't really get worse, right? So we start the hour long ride in with miles of bikes. I was doing good, taking pictures and enjoying the ride....and then I started getting hot and I tried to ignore it. I tried to think that around every corner we were almost there, I tried to focus on the fact that I felt like I was in a parade waving to everyone like I'm a beauty queen (seriously could not get over the people lined up to watch this go by) but nothing was working. So finally I got brave and told Craig that we needed an emergency stop that I was going to pass out and didn't think I would make it to the destination. He tried convincing me were almost there but I knew I wouldn't make it. WE got to the next gas station and I got my helmet off in record time and started stripping the layers away....OMG, I didn't care who was around to see. Mistake #3. I am the human heater and must remember this when encouraged to wear multiple layers. I was advised in the future to wear layers with zippers so I could take it off while riding....this is being taken into consideration for future rides.

Hope that you enjoyed my most recent mistakes in life that I find totally amusing.

Enjoying our day together!

Waving for the camera since all the other people normally look very serious.

It was a nice scenic ride.

Headed to the BBQ at a club members house in VT...very nice day with everyone.

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