Monday, June 14, 2010

Our weekend

Friday night Gillian had t-ball practice because it had rained on Thursday so needed to be rescheduled. Gillian and I had hair apts at 4:30 so we were rushing to get to t-ball for 5:30. On the way, Gillian said,"I want to play catch again with Taylor when we get to t-ball." I was excited that she remembered the little girl's name and that she seemed excited to go see her. We get to practice and there are only boys there, the coaches offer to play catch with Gillian but she wants to wait to see if a girl shows up. No girls showed up and I eventually convinced her to get out there with the boys since she wouldn't be paired off with one. I felt so bad for her at first but was actually impressed that none of the boys made comments or acted any different towards her. At the end of practice she was happy that she went out there which is all that matters.

Saturday my lovely husband let me sleep in until 11:00am....aaahhh, how wonderful! I woke up and still had no energy to do anything but obviously needed the sleep. And that gave Gillian and Craig time to spend together.

Saturday night, Gillian went to Grammie Brook's for a sleepover since Craig had a bike meeting and I was meeting a friend. It was a fun evening out until I ate buffalo chicken pizza. I found the pizza way too hot and eventually once my body completely rejected it I was able to sleep (I know gross and too much information). Needless to say I won't be eating that again.

Sunday I met my parents and Gillian for breakfast (so I could be wonderful and let my husband sleep in) and did a little shopping. When Gillian and I got home, Craig and Gillian headed outside to play a little catch before we headed to the Cadyville field day. The field day was fun, Gillian enjoyed the parade (mainly for the candy not the actual parade) but she could tell me repeatedly stuff she had seen today. To cool off when we got home I put the sprinkler on so she could run through it....she is adorable in her little bikini!

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