Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Back in April I had a couple blog posts about Craig losing a close friend. Gillian was sick that week so I ended up taking her to the wake. I could tell she knew that Craig's friend was doing more than sleeping....I could tell by her look that the gears were going but no questions were coming out. I had told Gillian that Craig's friend had passed away and that Daddy was sad.

Last week went to see Craig's friend's wife to bring Gillian's winter wardrobe from last winter over. Their daughter is a year younger than Gillian and we figured this would help out. Craig, Gillian and I went over and we explained who we were going to see and why we were bringing her clothes. She didn't say much while we were there (her normal shy self). The only thing that she said after we left was that she wanted to go back to see the "little girl" sometime.

Well the next day Gillian and I were talking about a track meet and the next thing I know she is asking about Craig's friend that was laying down. She wanted to know why the "little girl's" Daddy died. I explained that it was an accident, well this lead to is my Daddy going to die? Which I explained that I hoped not. I again explained that it was an accident and tried to use examples of why we need to be careful around vehicles for this reason.

I found this conversation totally heart breaking. I know she is young to be learning about this stuff but I also know she is going to encounter it at some point (hopefully later rather than sooner). I do want her to understand life is fragile and I don't want this to hold her back but I do want her to live life to the fullest and without regrets.

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