Sunday, June 14, 2009

Enjoying June

Today I had a great day!

My parents had asked me to go to walk with them for the 1st Annual Scleroderma walk/run in memory of Randy Duprey. I don't know Katie or Randy personally. I went to high school with Katie but don't really know her. I recently started reading her blog and I can't even begin to imagine the pain she is going through. This was definitely a good event for a good cause. It was a beautiful day for it and they had a really good turn out for it. So after walking 3 miles in the heat going home to check on our swimming pool sounded like a good idea.

After mentioning the pool and possibly taking a dip I knew Gillian would not be satisfied unless we got in the pool. So we got our suits on and went out to the pool. The thermometer was not in the pool so I stuck it in for 5 showed 68 degrees so I thought,"Not so bad." Gillian and I put our towels on the pool deck and I put my feet in and thought"Okay, maybe this will be good enough." Gillian proceeded to repeatedly asked me,"Mommy when are you getting in?" I know there is no way that Gillian is going to get in this water. I keep wondering when 68 degrees got so cold. So I decided to teach my daughter about pinkie swearing which she thought was funny. Yes, I made my 3 year old pinkie swear that she would go in the pool. So I get in the pool and it is freezing but I try not to show it. Gillian immediately hops up and asks to get in. So I go over to the deck and bring her doesn't even get to her belly button and she wants to get out. I guess half way in counts for the pinkie swear. So 10 minutes later I get out of the pool and I check the temperature again and the water is only 64 degrees. The insane things I do for my daughter. Although the "I love yous" that I heard repeatedly through the experience really made it worth my while...

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