Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So close to summer...

It is not quite warm enough to go in the pool just yet in Northern New York. That does not stop Gillian from checking on the progress of opening the pool daily. Normally she is out supervising her Dad working on the pool but Craig had to work today. So I told her after dinner we were going out to turn it on and clean out any bugs that had collected. It was obvious by her immediate smile that this was great news. So we get outside and she starts telling me what I need to do. Plug it in here, empty the bugs (from the thing attached to the pump) and of course she had to show me how to stand properly so I could skim the top of the water. I was stunned by my 3 year olds managing skills, she didn’t think twice about it. And she was polite saying please and thank you. She obviously realized my knowledge of the pool was limited which she is correct. I did teach her (although I knew I probably shouldn’t) that with my assistance she could lean over and feel the water so she now realizes that it is still quite cold. She also discovered that it is fascinating to lay on the deck and watch the water being circulated. I know in 10 years I will miss days like these.

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