Sunday, June 7, 2009


Gillian is a huge fan of the outdoors. I think if she knew a tent existed she would move into one. We have a sandbox, Barbie Beetle, Princess tricycle, soccer net & t-ball set. We can spend an entire day out there and it still isn’t enough. I’m so happy she is like this and not obsessed with watching TV. It gets me outdoors too which as I’ve gotten older I’m not fond of the outdoors like I once was.

The newest project is getting our pool open and running. I had been bugging Craig since May 1st to work on this because I don’t take care of the pool. I know nothing about it and don’t try to understand it. Gillian asked her Daddy last weekend to open the pool and amazingly it was opened by Thursday and is now almost ready to go in….amazing when Gillian asks for something it becomes a priority. LOL!

Gillian is all about the pool getting open. She asks constantly when it will be done and if Craig goes out to work on the pool, Gillian must go out to oversee. I love looking out the window and seeing Craig working and she is watching him intently like she is the supervisor. When I notice this I open the windows so I can hear their conversations. She asks him why he does everything he is doing and although I know her being there is holding him up he does not show it. He answers all her questions and they have some father/daughter bonding time. I hope this always continues…

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