Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Broken Heart

I was talking to Gillian about school, she was telling me how they finished letting the butterflies go so they could go to Mexico and meet up with their friends…then she burst into tears and said, “I have no friends.” As a Mom I can tell you that this is such an awful moment. It’s worse that her scraping a knee or getting a finger caught in the door…I can’t fix her broken heart. I very calmly kept my composure and asked,”Why do you think you have no friends?” She told me how she does everything on her own at lunch time and recess because the other kids already had friends from before school started. I told her that all the kids couldn’t possibly have a friend from before school and asked if she was attempting to talk to the other kids. She told me she wasn’t which wasn’t a surprise to me as I know my child is shy. I calmed her down and we talked about the friends she does have – Emma, Zandra and Ava. I explained that there are other kids that are probably very similar to them and would love to hang out with Gillian at school. She wasn’t buying it but she did seem happier discussing her current friends list. I tucked her into bed and went downstairs and cried for her. I hate seeing her with a broken heart and one that I know when the kids do get to know her she will have more friends than she will know what to do with. I just have to hope it’s sooner rather than later that she starts letting others in.

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