Wednesday, September 14, 2011

American Girl

Gillian has discovered American Girl and she can't get enough of looking through catalogs. I can't imagine if I told her they have web page. For anyone that doesn't know what American Girl is, please go here - .

I have to admit as expensive as I find the stuff, she is too cute to watch and listen to going through the catalogs. She pointed to a bed on one of the pages - "So my doll can sleep comfortably," she said. On another page there was a horse and stables - "So she can be a riding sensation," she said. What 5 year old uses the word sensation? She is just too cute.

We have looked through these catalogs a bunch of times. All Monday evening, waiting for the bus Tuesday morning, before bed on Tuesday night. I constantly find her sitting in the recliner just going through the is way too cute!

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