Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

I had been looking forward to this past weekend since Craig and I had booked it. We went down to Hartford, CN to see Eddie Vedder perform. It’s a nice small venue and it was time away for us and for a HUGE Pearl Jam fan that my husband is, it seemed like the perfect Father’s Day weekend.

It was hard to break the news to Gillian that she would not wake and see Daddy on Father’s Day. There may have been a meltdown. And she is at the age that she knows we are doing something without her if she is going away for the night so she wants to know what she is missing.

On the way there Craig and I discussed when we would take her to her first concert. I’m not sure she is quite ready as sometimes getting her to sit through a movie at the theatre is tough and concert tickets are a lot more expensive than the movies.

Once we made it to our hotel and gave our car up to be parked for the night we headed out for some food. After goggling some restaurants we headed out to Salute. It was a nice Italian restaurant. From there we went to Black Bear Saloon for the pre-party. It is very rare that I go have drinks alone with my husband….it was SO nice. And definitely something I want to do again. From there we headed to the show which was really good. I love to people watch and I saw 3 air guitars…by 3 different people…lol I couldn’t help but laugh each time I saw them. From the concert we headed back to the hotel…it was about 3 miles of walking according to Google as we didn’t bother with a taxi since the weather was so nice.

Sunday we were up and on the road as quickly as possible so that we could get home to Gillian. It was so nice to walk into my parents house and have Gillian all ready with Craig’s Father’s Day gift and wishing him a Happy Father’s Day…she is so grow up!

(Craig is wearing the hat Gillian picked out for him and a frame that she made for him.)

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