Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Family Fun!

Last night I got home from work and I was in a somewhat bad mood. Right after arriving home from work a coworker called and I was on the phone for about a ½ hour which put me in somewhat of a better mood so I went downstairs to see what Craig and Gillian were doing. They had blown up water balloons and I could hear them talking about ambushing me…well I was not interested in getting soaked with cold water balloons. I kept listening; they had set aside a couple balloons by the slider for me so I had somewhat of a chance and put a bunch in a dump truck that was placed on the opposite side of the yard.

I went into survival mode and they were getting ready assuming I would walk out shortly so I grabbed a pitcher and filled it with semi warm water (I do have a heart) and proceeded out the front door. It was going to be all about timing whether I would survive.

They were so engrossed in their conversation they didn’t even see me coming till it was too late (and I’m not fast people, I guess their ability to block everything out came to my advantage). So I managed to throw half of each of them. Which then started the war and eventually all balloons were gone and a hose was brought out. By the end we were all soaked and had a very fun evening!

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